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archive-title Monthly Archives: January 2017

Monthly Archives: January 2017

It’s our time!

January 18th, 2017 Hi! I’m Phillip W. Dunn, Founder & CEO of A Seat At The Table, LLC – the new online directory rating and review service for Black-Owned Businesses (BOB). Today is the day! The day in which you make a decision to change the economic and social outcomes for our community. For far too long […]

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Insights On the Movement to Support Black-Owned Businesses

[Photo Credit: AmericanExpress Open Forum] “Although many recent events have been unfortunate, the Black community has awakened to the fact that they can create opportunities and use resources within their own communities,” says Phillip Dunn, a BOB (Black-Owned Business) advocate and CEO of A Seat At The Table a company that seeks to generate more business […]

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Blackonomics…Black-owned ComproTax is one of the best in the business

[Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Courier] With Tax Day right around the corner, it seems fitting to showcase this article from the Pittsburgh Courier about one of the best in the business, ComproTax. They have built a solid reputation for being personal before and during tax season. Learn more about the difference they are making across the […]

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New Black Wall Streets: Tucker Law Group

[Photo Credit: The Philadelphia Tribune] This inspiring article, published by The Philadelphia Tribune gives a glimpse into Tucker Law Group or TLG, the largest Black-owned law firm- and one of the most successful law firms whether Black or white- on the East Coast. Their history and how they built such a fantastic reputation. Read on […]

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