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About The Table

A Seat At The Table, LLC was founded in November 2015 to connect consumers with Community Based Businesses that produce high quality goods and services with an additional focus of supporting the communities where their customers live and work.  Using this website we will operate an interactive directory, rating and review service designed to connect consumers to Black-Owned Businesses (BOBs) and in turn locate quality consumers for BOBs. Over time, The Table will work with Community Based Businesses seeking to deliver value to the American consumer marketplace to provide deals and specials exclusively to our Consumer members.


A Seat At The Table, LLC will be the premier BOB advocate, steering transformational change in the Black Community by empowering consumers with enhanced information about the importance of group economics and encouraging Black-Owned Businesses to operate at the highest levels of excellence and servant leadership while providing support for the communities in which they operate.


Our mission is to improve the service experience for both consumers and BOBs in local markets across the United States. We aim to increase the visibility and awareness of BOBs in the American Business Community.  The Table will unite consumer members and BOB members who have similar interests, values and share a sense of economic and social responsibility.


Advocacy, Excellence and Empowerment


The goals of A Seat At The Table, LLC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To establish a population of Black Owned Businesses registered at A Seat At The Table in our first year to serve as a baseline for future growth.
  2. To measure and improve customer satisfaction with Black-Owned Businesses.
  3. To enhance the visibility of Black-Owned Businesses in the Black Community and other communities.
  4. To encourage cordial relations among the Black Community and Black-Owned Businesses.
  5. To encourage entrepreneurship and business ownership.
  6. To represent the interests of current and prospective Black entrepreneurs.
  7. To promote public confidence in our Black Owned Business members to fulfill their obligations to the community.



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