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It’s our time!

January 18th, 2017 Hi! I’m Phillip W. Dunn, Founder & CEO of A Seat At The Table, LLC – the new online directory rating and review service for Black-Owned Businesses (BOB). Today is the day! The day in which you make a decision to change the economic and social outcomes for our community. For far too long […]

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Insights On the Movement to Support Black-Owned Businesses

[Photo Credit: AmericanExpress Open Forum] “Although many recent events have been unfortunate, the Black community has awakened to the fact that they can create opportunities and use resources within their own communities,” says Phillip Dunn, a BOB (Black-Owned Business) advocate and CEO of A Seat At The Table a company that seeks to generate more business […]

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Blackonomics…Black-owned ComproTax is one of the best in the business

[Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Courier] With Tax Day right around the corner, it seems fitting to showcase this article from the Pittsburgh Courier about one of the best in the business, ComproTax. They have built a solid reputation for being personal before and during tax season. Learn more about the difference they are making across the […]

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New Black Wall Streets: Tucker Law Group

[Photo Credit: The Philadelphia Tribune] This inspiring article, published by The Philadelphia Tribune gives a glimpse into Tucker Law Group or TLG, the largest Black-owned law firm- and one of the most successful law firms whether Black or white- on the East Coast. Their history and how they built such a fantastic reputation. Read on […]

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How Community Based Businesses Can Help Improve America

Growing up in my hometown in East Texas I can remember several small “Mom & Pop” grocery stores that served the community. These grocery stores were small and quiet but they managed to keep inventory on hand and keep their customers happy. They were conveniently located in the communities where their respective customers lived and […]

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Business Excellence

What is Business Excellence? Why Business Excellence? Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or good. Anyone can be excellent. However, Business Excellence signifies excellence under an extremely special set of circumstances. Yet we succeed in spite of. It’s a step above. Let the visitors of this site know you are committed to Business Excellence. […]

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