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If you are a small business owner serving our community and beyond, we want you to take your seat at The Table! By joining The Table you will be seated alongside hundreds of existing and new businesses that are committed to provide quality and value to the greater consumer marketplace. We believe that black owned businesses should serve the communities in which they operate. We also believe that members of the black community should seek to experience the value offered by business located in their communities.

We understand that many black owned businesses (BOBs) are small and sometimes difficult to locate. Our service will help the global black community to locate businesses that they may have previously been unaware of. We also seek to help black owned businesses create value for their new and existing customers. We feel this is a win-win for both the community and our black owned businesses.

Simple Steps to Complete the Process

1. So if you are a small business please navigate to the Directory page and search for your business.
2. Once you find it click on the “Claim Listing” button to begin the process of registering your business. If your business is not found in the Directory then you can create an entry for your business by navigating to the “Choose Your Seat” section in the middle of the page. There you will find an option to join as a Community Member, Business Member or Partner.
3. Select Business Member to begin the process of registering your business. You can choose to join from one of three options – Free Membership, Plus Business Membership or Combination Membership.

By registering and listing your business at The Table you will provide a growing number of Community Members increased awareness about the value your business brings to the Table.

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