post-title It’s our time!

It’s our time!

It’s our time!

It’s our time!

January 18th, 2017

Hi! I’m Phillip W. Dunn, Founder & CEO of A Seat At The Table, LLC – the new online directory rating and review service for Black-Owned Businesses (BOB).

Today is the day! The day in which you make a decision to change the economic and social outcomes for our community. For far too long many of us have always heard that “we need to do better” as a community. No one disagrees with that assertion. However, rarely have we seen anyone take action to improve our community in ways that do not include marching, demonstrating or boycotting. Well, today is the day.

For decades the Black Community has experienced and endured severe unemployment rates at levels consistently above unemployment rates of other communities. As a result, this limits our opportunities to earn livable wages and achieve economic parity with our fellow Americans. This is often due to structural barriers that exist in hiring practices and personal background. Our community has also been underrepresented in the business community and some estimates say BOBs comprise only 7% of all businesses even though we consist of 43 million of our nation’s population. This limits our opportunities to build and sustain wealth that can be passed down to generations and for building solid legacies. Lastly, we have lost sight of one another due to distance and geography. Our directory will now help you and your family find BOBs to experience in every category.

A Seat At The Table, LLC set out to counter the issues our community faces. We will do this largely through helping our consumer and business members make principled purchasing decisions and undertaking strategic initiatives to strengthen our community. Our directory, rating and review services is only the beginning of the solution. So today take the first step by accepting this call to action to become a consumer member or if you own and operate a business you can become a business member. The Table will become the new marketplace where consumers come to find value and BOBs go to deliver value.

As CEO I will do everything I can to ensure our businesses deliver value and the American consumer patronizes our businesses. Make today the day that you decide for yourself and your family that you will change the economic and social outcomes for our community and for our BOBs. It’s our time!

Welcome to The Table!



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