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We believe our Community Members are more than just consumers.

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Why 2TheTable

Why Us

When our Community Members meet our Community Based Businesses at The Table great things happen!

For our Community Members

We believe our Community Members are more than just consumers. We believe that you recognize the potential in your Community Based Businesses. We believe that you will see the quality and value that may have gone unnoticed by regular consumers. We believe that you are not only seeking products and services but that you are seeking to build relationships within your community. We believe that you expect more from the businesses that market to you. We believe that you expect Community Based Businesses to give back and support the communities in which they reside. We want to help you hold them accountable.

For our Community Based Businesses

We believe our Community Based Businesses have more to offer than just products and services. We seek quality, value and community support from the businesses registered at The Table! Our Community Based Businesses will be expected to support our communities in many ways. First they will provide high quality goods and services that we can grow to experience and rely upon. Second they will provide leadership and role models for the greater community and will be visible and responsive to our Community Members. Third they will create jobs with fair wages to employ hard working Americans from the communities they serve. Lastly, they will be called upon to pledge financial support for social programs that will provide positive and impactful change in our communities.

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